Honduras Cocamol

Honduras Cocamol

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The Story

Edna Ventura and Rafael Ventura are cousins, lifelong friends and the producers of this microlot. In 1996, a group of producers and friends gathered to analyze the necessity of constructing a centralized wet and dry mill in their community, with a few goals in mind: creating more standardization and quality assurance; minimizing the environmental impact of coffee production; and obtaining better prices in local and international markets. Soon, Cocamol was born, the Cooperativa Cafetaleta Mercedes Ocotepeque Limitada. It was properly constituted in 1997 with 21 founding members and has since grown to 51 members, 21 of whom are women. Edna and Rafael both deliver coffee to, and are active members of, the Cocamol co-op. Interested in promoting good coffee in their region, they came together to create this lot and decided to call it Cocamol. 


cupping notes

Clementine, bourbon & honey


Department of Ocotepeque 

group name

Cooperativa Cafetaleta Mercedes Ocotepeque Limitada


Edna Ventura & Rafael Ventura




Catimor, Caturra & Catuai

growing altitude

1550 masl


Feb – April 2017