Costa Rica Cerro Alto

Costa Rica Cerro Alto


caramel•mandarin orange•cinnamon

250g/8.8oz box

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The Story

For years, Carlos Barrantes and his wife, Diana, have been processing their coffee at his brother’s nearby mill, but recently they decided they wanted to process their own. Carlos has been helping his older brother at the renowned Herbazú mills for years, and that experience is evident in the great coffee coming out of the brand new La Perla del Cafe. We are excited to share this coffee varietal, Villa Sarchí, a natural mutation from the well- known and common Bourbon. With its high elevation and Barrantes’ excellent management and attention to detail, Cerro Alto delivers a smooth, balanced cup with notes of caramel and mandarin orange.


cupping notes

Caramel, Mandarin Orange, Cinnamon


Cirri Sur, Naranjo


Cerro Alto


Carlos Barrantes


Yellow Honey


Villa Sarchi


1500 masl


Jan 2016 – Mar 2016